Bride, Bought and Paid for - Junko Okada & Helen Bianchin

Bride, Bought and Paid for

By Junko Okada & Helen Bianchin

  • Release Date: 2011-05-01
  • Genre: Women


Romy was heading for the office of the multimillionaire Xavier, who had hurt her in the past. This is so he’ll call off the suit against her father’s embezzlement. I despise him so much, but I have to rely on him.… But on meeting him again, he offers a proposal to the pleading Romy. In return for his help, she’ll marry him, and have his child! Is he really asking me to become a tool for him to gain an heir? He gives the resistant Romy a mocking smile and asks, “Do you really think I’d help without compensation?” His eyes shine darkly.